Christine Sun Kim coined the term sound etiquette: the social do’s and don’ts of the hearing world that Deaf people are expected to abide by, in order to exist quietly and discreetly.

Through lyric, babble, slam poetry, and soundless closed-captioning, this exhibition seeks to unravel social norms associated with sonic communication. In situations where comprehensible language proves to be insufficient—too linear, too gendered, too exclusionary—these three artists turn to new communication methods.


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I – Sound Etiquette

To be legible is to be readable. To be legible is to be coded and contained. Often when asked an uncomfortable question, or faced with an unsettling reality, the rattled respondent ducks and dives with a stammer, a mumble, a sweat, a scrawl, or a nervous tic. The respondent may not be lying, but neither may …

III – Vocal Transfiguration

The co- in correspondence implies a partnership. It implies that in sending a letter, each party is responding or reacting together—the word is not concerned with who initiated the exchange. Each party, respectively, is responding.  A self-proclaimed artist, diarist, and correspondent, Nemerofsky Ramsay’s letters, serenades, and love notes bear the marks of past lovers and …